A HANDFUL OF GOLD: Three Rachel Gold Short Stories

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Even the comedies sharing Emmy space with Mrs. Maisel Atlanta, Barry are as likely to punch viewers in the gut as they are to make them laugh.

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That was especially true in November, when the series debuted its full first season just as the MeToo movement was reaching its zenith. It was a moment when every Twitter refresh seemed to expose a new, horrifying story of sexual misconduct. And then came Mrs. Maisel , a burst of cleansing light—colorful, fast-paced, sunny as an old-fashioned musical, but without anyone breaking into song. Price has not commented on the allegations. Maisel is, above all, the jubilant story of a talented woman who works hard, triumphing over the odds and her mediocre loser of a husband.

It is, as Brosnahan points out, partly a fantasy.

But what a fantasy. Maisel is, above all, the jubilant story of a talented woman who works hard, triumphing over the odds. But possibly, she continues, Mrs. This is a theme of the moment. Brosnahan has given a lot of thought to The Moment and, more specifically, to its momentum—how her industry, and all industries, can parlay this surge of righteous anger into lasting change.

As her star rises, Brosnahan has also found herself being more careful about the things she posts online—for practical reasons, as well as the understandable desire to keep her private life private. Famous performers sometimes become celebrities first and actors second, a fate that would have robbed Brosnahan of her prized ability to disappear fully into a role.

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  4. That said, she does have a very cute Instagram largely devoted to her dogs: a Shiba Inu named Winston and a pit bull named Nikki. Or at least said hello to Oprah from the stage after winning a Golden Globe. Remember, she admires Midge for being unapologetically ambitious. Throughout: hair products by Bumble and Bumble; makeup by Chanel; nail enamel by Zoya. Marvelous Mrs. Hats off to the Sherman-Palladinos, husband-and-wife writing team. For Operation Goldfinger, no scientific plan was too obscure to consider: Is there gold in meteorites that hit the Earth?

    Is there gold in Colorado peat? Is there gold in plants and trees? Is there gold in deer antlers? In almost all cases, government scientists found that the answer was yes—but not at quantities that even approached commercial viability.

    The ocean seemed an especially promising area of exploration. The same geological forces that created gold deposits in, say, California, were also at play under the ocean floor, and preliminary sea-mining for gold was among the most important projects under Operation Goldfinger. The project, however, turned up minuscule amounts of gold. An outside economic adviser named Alexander Sachs managed to convince top Johnson Administration officials to take seriously a plan to mine in Venezuela for gold.

    During the nineteen-sixties, many such experiments with underground nuclear explosions were proposed—some were even carried out—primarily for mining, drilling and land-moving purposes, under the auspices of Project Plowshare, a program for the peaceful use of nuclear technology.


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    The Venezuelan plan, however, never went forward. For hundreds of years, alchemists suspected that some metals were structurally close enough to gold to be transformed into it, using an elusive external process. Many scientists recognized that the nuclear age had, in theory, provided the tools, and Sachs managed to convince both Fowler, the Treasury Secretary, and Stewart Udall, the Interior Secretary, to take up the modern alchemical cause. What became of Operation Goldfinger? Most of the initial experiments were one-offs.

    Some ideas—such as the reopening of a viable gold mine in Cortez, Nevada—showed some success. Other projects were directionally valid over the long term; Guyana and Venezuela, for example, produce substantially more gold today than when Operation Goldfinger was eying them in the late nineteen-sixties. The plans to use nuclear detonation for gold mining never became reality. By the early nineteen-seventies, most government scientists had scaled back their attempts to use nuclear detonations for earthmoving or mining; opposition from activist scientists and the public became pronounced, particularly as details of radioactive fallout were made public.

    In , I interviewed Francis Bator, an economist who worked in the Johnson Administration and closely advised the President on international monetary policy, about Operation Goldfinger. He implied that most of his colleagues did not believe it would ever be a serious solution to the monetary-gold shortage. At best, Bator said, Operation Goldfinger was designed as a show of force, a psychological attempt to ease world markets by hinting that the United States could tap new sources of gold if need be.

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    About Michael A. Michael A. Pseudonym for Michael Baron. Michael Kahn is a trial lawyer by day and an author at night. In addition to his day job as a lawyer, he is an adjunct professor of law at Washington University in St.

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    Louis, where he teaches a class on censorship and free expression. Married to his high school sweetheart, he is the father of five and the grandfather of, so far, five. Other books in the series. Rachel Gold Mysteries 10 books.

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