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The Bowmandale Buddies are specially trained Year 5 and 6 pupils who act as role models and mentors on the playground. They help sort out problems and give other children someone to talk to and play with. Today, the Senior Buddies held an assembly to share with the whole school ways in which children can access help and support from the Buddies. The Buddies also mentioned about the Bother Boxes that are in every classroom except Foundation and how they can use the Bother Box if they have a problem or worry.

They reminded everyone about the Buddy Bench on the playground. Please may we say a huge thank you to our local Spar shop who have kindly donated a new 'Buddy Bench' for the school and a wooden arch to form the entrance to our new school garden that is currently being developed. Our Buddies are delighted with the new bench and are especially impressed that it is painted to represent the team colours of all 5 House Teams.

We talked about what we should put in the bother box and what we should not. We also did a story called the backpack story in which Bob got weighed down because he was worried. Finally, we played a song. When we did buddy training we learnt about different types of bullying. We also acted out different types of bullying and learned how to help someone when they are getting bullied.

We were also taught how to help someone when they are sad and lonely. After that we filled in a buddy booklet which had some activities for us to do inside of it. We learned about the importance of sharing and how to help and support young people. In part 2 of buddy training we did a game where we got into partners and one person acted out something and the other person wrote down what the other person was acting out and we made a poster about the buddy rules. There are "value" courses everywhere, but the bar moves depending on where you are. No matter which destination you choose, look for courses or resorts that offer a variety of price points.

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Meet the Buddies of the Shadow Buddies Foundation

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The Buddies are in FULL EFFECT!

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The Insane Story Behind Disney's 'Snow Buddies,' The Movie That Killed 5 Puppies

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